Mr Alfred Orange

In 2016 Zelda and I bought Mr Orange from a retired adventurer in Austria. In December 2016 we collected Mr Orange and drove him to the UK to start the restoration process. Being a 1991 vehicle some updates and modifications would be required, these were limited to the electrical system (adding more 240V AC equipment including a 3000kVA inverter/charger, new and additional batteries and new and additional solar panels), removing the central heating system and replacing with an air conditioner, installing new windows, new bed, new fridge and kitchen counter top. Other works included repainting the interior and exterior of the box and adding some modern features to the cab like sound deadening and a new radio. Basically though the vehicle has remained largely as first assembled so meticulously in 1991, as they say “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

Paperwork wise the vehicle was registered into the UK and then the weight uprated with the assistance of SvTech. In addition we changed the single passenger seat in the cab to a twin seat (ex VW Touran middle row seats) to make it a three person vehicle to take friends or guides as required; this was also officialised with the DVLA.